SA Army Reserve Shooting Association

In early 2000 it was decided to formalise the Gold Cup Shooting competition more closely with the Chief Director Force Preparation at Army HQ due to its training format. This lead to the establishment of ARSA Army Reserve Shooting Association, later to become SAARSA, SA Army Reserve Shooting Association.


This also lead to the development of the competition into the Chief SA Army Combat Rifle Championship where over 400 Reserves from the SA Army compete for top honours. To levelling of the playing field between the very good shooting units and the newcomers necessitated the introduction of a development class. This enables individuals who had not yet had exposure to shooting, to compete against members of equivalent standard. After firing in the competition for three years they are moved up from the development class to the open class.


There is also a category for females to compete and which also proving very popular with over fifty ladies competing this year. This led to a rejuvenation of shooting within the Reserve units and an improvement in the overall shooting skills of these units and the SA Army as a whole. The development program was further expanded with two training camps scheduled through Regt Mooi River in Potchefstroom.


A program has been developed by the University of Stellenbosch under the guidance of Dr Sheryl Calder, called the Eye Gym Program. This program is computer based using a keyboard and mouse to enhance hand- eye co ordination which is ideal for training shottists. This program for the development shottists was sponsored by funds from the RFC with exceptionally positive results.


The Team selection is now made up of the top three members from the open section, the top three members from the development section and the top three ladies, all of whom having fired in the current local competition.

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