Male and female competitors have different norms and requirements.

Male & Female competitors must complete the Combat Run of 8km in the shortest possible time.


Combat uniform with combat boots must be worn.


The number allocated to the competitor must be worn on the front of the uniform and must be clearly visible.


  • Each competitor (male and female) will be allocated a number before the start.

  • The run is done as an individual in either the “Staggered Start Format” or as a "Bunch Start Format"

  • “Staggered Start Format” is the total points of all the disciplines before the cross country run is added together. The competitor who has achieved the highest points will start first. The competitor than in second place will start a certain time after the first competitor depending on the points achieved. The points difference between the first competitor and all other competitors is transferred to time (seconds and minutes) and their starting time will be determined accordingly. This means that competitors can “chase” fellow competitors to better their final positions.

  • Example: The number one competitor obtained 4200 points in the first four disciplines and competitor in second place obtained 4194 points and competitor three 4144 points. The starting will be as follow competitor in the first place will start at 0:00, a competitor in second place will start 6 seconds after competitor one and competitor in third place will start 56 seconds after competitor one.

  • It is, however, the prerogative of the organizers to decide which format will be utilized.​


  • Competitors must obtain their numbers and starting times from the officials at the starting point.

  • All competitors will line up in numerical order 5 minutes before their starting time.

  • Officials will ensure that competitors are lined up correctly.

  • Competitors not at the starting line 30 seconds before the starting time will be disqualified.

  • An official will indicate to the competitor “30 seconds to start” the competitor will then move to the starting point

  • The starting official will then give the warning “10 seconds to start” The competitor will then move to the starting line.

  • The starting official will place his hand on the shoulder of the competitor and will count the last three seconds 3-2-1 and then remove his hand from his   shoulder and  indicate “Go”

  • The competitor must cross the finish line with his chest.



The route will be over various terrains - hard ground, loose sand, up and downhill, muddy areas etcetera depending on the location of the track.

Distances indicators to finish line will be placed every 1km as well as the last 500m.


The course will be laid out so that the best competitors are able to complete the course in less than 30 minutes. Alterations can, however, be implemented by the Course official, but all competitors will be informed before the competition commences.


The route will be clearly marked with water stations and course officials, which will be strategically placed to check whether competitors complete the full course.


It is forbidden for coaches to run or cycle with competitors.


Coaching may be given to competitors during the competition from the demarcated areas.

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