Hand Grenade Throwing

Rules and scoring tables for male and female competitors are the same. Female competitors throw lighter weights. This discipline consists of two exercises: Accuracy throwing and Distance throwing. These two exercises are executed one after the other. The time between the exercises will not be longer than 3 minutes.


Competitors must make use of the throwing weights provided by the organizers of the competition.​


Male competitor weights will be approximately 575grammes.​


Female competitor weights will be approximately 375grammes.


Combat dress with boots.


Headgear is optional.


The area from which the weight is thrown will be clearly marked and 3mx3m in size.


At the front of the throwing station, there will be a barricade between 1,25m and 1,40m in height.


Competitors are not allowed to cross this barricade during the exercise.


  • A competition official will be standing close to the targets to indicate the result of the throw.

  • With the distance throw, a competition official will stand approximately 40m from the demarcated area to determine the exact landing point of the weight.

  • For every direct hit on the inside ring or part, thereof the official will raise a flag above his head with a stretched arm.

  • For a direct hit on the outside ring or part, thereof the official will indicate with a flag stretched in a horizontal position with his arm.

  • Should the weight hit outside the ring the official will indicate so by waving the flag in a position under his waistline pointing towards the ground.

  • Note that should a weight hit the ground outside of the target area and roll into the target area it will be regarded as a miss.

  • During distance throwing, the weight must hit the ground within the demarcated area to be eligible for measurement for points.

  • The official will place a flag where each of the three weights land and a measurement of the furthest will be taken for points.

  • The measurement will be rounded off to the nearest round figure.

  • Eg. 30.5meters will be rounded off to 30meters

  • Eg. 30.7 meters will be rounded off to 31meters


There are four targets each consisting of two concentric circles with diameters of respectively 2 meters and 4 meters.


The circles are positioned from left to right between  minimum 30 and maximum 60 degrees on the following distances:


  1. 15 meters

  2. 20 meters

  3. 25 meters

  4. 30 meters


Distances are measured from the center front of the throwing area.

The target rings must preferably be made of steel and may not protrude more than +- 5cm above ground level.

A flag will be placed in the center of each ring.




Each competitor will be granted four attempts at each of the four targets.

In total 16 weights will be thrown.


Competitors must complete the exercise within 4 minutes.

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