Male and female competitors will compete on the same course but the points table for females is different.


The competition is done against time.


Swimming pools of either 25 meter or 50 meters may be used.


Any swimming style will be allowed.


Competitors are prohibited to make use of the buoys, sides or bottom of the pool to project them forward. In doing so it will lead to disqualification.


Competitors may use swimming trunks or PT shorts.


Swimming goggles may be used.


Before the competition competitors will have the opportunity to inspect the course and cross obstacles in preparation for the competition.


The starting procedure is as follows:


  • One competitor will take part at a time unless two water obstacle lanes are available.

  • The competition official will call out the number of the competitor

  • The following orders will be given:

  • About 10 seconds before start “Competitor take a position”-The competitors take place behind the starting block.

  • About 5 seconds before start “Ready”-Competitors will get onto the starting block and take start position

  • As soon as the competitor is in a stationary position on the starting block the official will give the starting signal which will be either an electronic beep, whistle or shot to indicate the start.

  • The timing will end as soon as the competitor touches the side of the swimming pool on the end of the course with at least one hand.


  • With a false start, the competitor will be called back for a restart.

  • A penalty of 2 seconds will be given to a second false start.

  • A third false start will result in disqualification.

  • If an obstacle is not crossed in a correct manner according to an official, the competitor will be requested to cross the obstacle in the correct manner as indicated by the blow of a whistle. If the request is disregarded the competitor will be disqualified.

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