Land Obstacle Course

This discipline is conducted on an International obstacle course as prescribed and used by NATO.


The length is 500m with 20 obstacles in between.


Each obstacle must be crossed as prescribed.


Combat shirt and trousers must be worn.

It is the choice of the competitor to wear boots or normal running shoes.


Web belt is not compulsory.


Competitors will before the competition have the opportunity to inspect the course and cross obstacles in preparation for the competition.


The starting procedure is as follows:

  • Two competitors will take part at a time each for their own personal time.

  • The competition official will call out the numbers of the competitors.

  • The following orders will be given:

  • 30 seconds before start “Competitors are you ready”-The competitors take place one meter behind the starting line.

  • 10 seconds before start “On your marks”-Competitors will move to the line

  • The starting signal will be either an electronic beep, whistle or shot.

  • The timing will end as soon as the competitor crosses the finish line with his chest.


Obstacles 8(eight) and 12(twelve) will not be crossed.

The stepping bar on obstacles 10, 15 and 17 may be used.


NOTE:  To see whether you qualify as a category VI competitor please follow this link


Obstacles 8(eight) and 12(twelve) must not be crossed.

In front of obstacles 10, 15 and 17 a bar or platform will be placed on which the competitors may step to assist them to cross the obstacle. This will be minimum 60cm and maximum 80cm high.


Female competitors’ points will be awarded according to their own points table.



A support beam may be placed underneath the four horizontal bars of obstacle 12 and competitors accidentally touching these support teams whilst crossing the obstacle will not be disqualified.


On obstacle 10 the ladies stepping bar may be used by all competitors to cross the obstacle.




  • In the event of a competitor making a false start, he/she will be penalized with 10(ten) seconds.

  • In the event of blatant disregard of the competition rules a competitor may be disqualified.

  • If an obstacle is not crossed within the rules the competitor must return to the beginning of that obstacle and cross it again until he successfully crosses the obstacle. The unsuccessful crossing of the obstacle will clearly be indicated by a competition official.

  • Competitors that cannot cross an obstacle will be disqualified.(Three attempts allowed)

  • All fraction of seconds will be rounded off to the lower second(2:30.2 will become 2:30 and 2:30.8 will also become 2:30)

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