The word “Military Skills” can be interpreted in many ways, but the outcome of this is the fact that any and every man or women in a military force needs to know and be able to execute the basic skills that is required to survive in combat.


These basic skills are the foundation or building blocks on which further military education, development and training is built upon.  Soldiers who do not possess these skills are doomed for failure which might lead to the death of their comrades or themselves.


Just to mention a few.  You need to be fit.  You need to be able to shoot properly with a rifle and pistol.  Navigation must be executed without electronic aids.  Soldiers need to be able to throw a grenade into/onto a specific target.  Not be afraid to cross obstacles in water or on land.  Need to know how to operate as a team and understand the dynamics of teamwork.  Soldiers need to be disciplined and motivated to execute the seemingly impossible.


Many of these skills are part and parcel of the annual Chief SANDF Military Skills competition.  During this competition, individuals and unit teams are exposed to some of these different basic military skills in a competitive environment.  The readiness of your team and individual soldiers are measured against that of your fellow comrades and your readiness will eventually be visible on a scorecard.


In short, you need to be able to conquer your fear, be prepared to push yourself to the limit and beyond and still be able to function effectively irrespective of the odds against you. These skills, if properly trained, will enhance discipline, confidence, commitment, team work, overall fitness and contribute towards combat skills.  This ultimately contributes towards the combat readiness of our soldiers.


The Military Skills competition is an annual event and has been hosted in Potchefstroom since 2006.  The Artillery Formation, 1 Tactical Intelligence Regiment, and Infantry Formation have been the hosts over this period.


Due to the knowledge, outstanding support by the local Municipality, Army Support Base and units as well as the excellent accommodation facilities provided by, amongst others, the School of Tactical Intelligence, Shamrock Mess and 4 Artillery Regiment, all contributed to the successful execution of each of these competitions.


The competition is usually held in either the second last or last week in October.


After the conclusion of the competition, a group of competitors is invited to attend several training camps where these basic military skills are further developed in order to select members to participate in the annual International competition called the CIOR Military Skills competition.


This competition is the ultimate testing ground to measure our capabilities and abilities in the International arena and to stand proud as soldiers of the SANDF.




Swimming Obstacle Course

Grenade Throwing



Land Obstacle Course

Combat Run



 Roughly 120 km (75 mi) west-southwest of Johannesburg and 45 km (28 mi) east-northeast of Klerksdorp.

Potchefstroom is known as the North-West Province's "Home of Sport". The provincial headquarters of 17 of the most important sports are situated in the city. The City Council places a high priority on the establishment, maintenance and upgrading of the sport facilities under its control, especially to meet the variety of sporting and recreational needs of its youthful community. The Mooi River trails, as well as other trails, add extra colour and variety to these facilities available to resident and tourist alike.


Potchefstroom has become the home away from home to many International athletes and teams. Potchefstroom is the only place in the world with a perfect balance between altitude training and quality training at 1400m. The fact that Potch (shortened name) has no industries it has very clean air, and also the city has a very low crime rate which is perfect for international athletes. Athletes and professional sports teams train at the HPI (High Performance Institute of Sport) of the North West University.


Kenneth McArthur Stadium is the local athletics stadium. The stadium, which received its fourth make-over in 2014, was erected in 1892 and the oval was named after Kenneth McArthur, the Potchefstroom policeman who was awarded a gold medal for winning the marathon at the 1912 Olympic Games.


Potchefstroom has produced numerous other famous sports people as well. Some include: Godfrey Khotso Mokoena, silver medal winner in long jump at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Ezekiel Sepeng, Jorrie Muller, Justine Robbeson and Ryan Diedericks.


The visit of the Spanish team "La Roja" during the FIFA 2010 World Cup introduced a new level of sporting exposure to Potchefstroom and the NWU. The Spanish national team chose Potchefstroom (The NWU) to be their base camp for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. To prepare for the team a new sporting complex was built at the University and the local airport was extented to host large passenger planes to land.

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