The shooting competition rules are applicable to both male and female.

The rifle shooting competition consists of:

  1. Precision Shooting (Prone position)

  2. Rapid Shooting (Prone position)


Each exercise consists out of 10 shots. The competitor will stay on the shooting point until both exercises have been completed.


The rifle used is the R4. No modification may be brought on to the weapon.​​


  • During the shooting competition, combat uniform is worn.

  • The field jacket is allowed

  • No shooting mat and/or an obstacle may be used by the competitor

  • Ear protection must be worn.

  • Combat helmets must be worn during both exercises.​


Each competitor must have 2 magazines, each filled with 10 rounds on the shooting point.  The two exercises will be executed from the 200-meter position.

The following commands will be given:

  1. Deliberate Fire Prone Position

  2. “Are you ready”

  3. “Prone position”

  4. “R4 stage 3“(Magazine on rifle cock the weapon on safe)

  5. “R4 stage 4” (Safety lever on fire (R))

  6. “Deliberate fire, 10 shots in 3 minutes “

  7. “Seconds 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Whistle”


Rapid Fire Prone Position:

  1. “Are you ready”

  2. “Prone position”

  3. “R4 stage 3“(Magazine on rifle cock the weapon on safe)

  4. “R4 stage 4” (Safety lever on fire (R))

  5. “Rapid fire, 10 shots in 1 minute “

  6. “Seconds 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Whistle”

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