Military Skills Competition - Germany 2014

The annual Milcomp competition during the CIOR Summer Congress in Germany was full of excitement. With new support staff in the saddle, Lt Col Uys van der Westhuijzen and his team, the competitors had all the support and necessary training that is required in preparation for a competition that relies heavily on mental strength and physical endurance. On completion of the competition the South African contingent managed to win Gold in the Experienced Category. This was the first time that a South African team won a gold medal in any of the main categories. Due to strong selection criteria and a high level of competitiveness among the candidates, an excellent team was selected that proved beyond doubt that South Africa has the ability to be a force in this competition format. Team members for Germany 2014 were:

Chief of mission: Lt Col van der Westhuijzen

Coach: Capt le Roux


  • Maj Labuschagne (RSA2)

  • Capt Ditshego (RSA1)

  • 2 Lt du Toit (RSA2)

  • L/Cpl Hlophe (RSA2)

  • Rfn Mdlalose (RSA1)

  • Rfn Smit (RSA2

  • Tpr Ngidi (Reserve)

Obstacle run of RSA2

Watch how South Africa performs in their strongest discipline...

Maj. Labuschagne

2 Lt. du Toit

Rfn Smit

Obstacle run of RSA1

Watch how South Africa performs in their strongest discipline...

Capt. Ditshego

Cpl Hlophe

Rfn Mdlalose

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