Military Skills Competition

This year marks the 10th year celebration of the SANDF Military Skills Competition. Two hundred and thirty South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Regular and Reserve Force members came head-to-head with the four international teams at this year’s MilComp hosted jointly by the Chief Army, the Reserve Force Council, Office of the Chief Defence Reserves and the SA Army Infantry Formation. SAASIC (Res) acted as the hositing unit.

The competition kicked off on Monday 19 October 2015 and ended in a prestigious award ceremony at the 4 Artillery Regiment in Potchefstroom on Saturday 26 of October 2015. The international teams came from Botswana, Denmark, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Milcomp is designed to test all key infantry and other military skills. The games also aim to promote the esprit de corps among the participants. It also tests all skills required by our members during combat readiness training. It has developed over recent years to include novice and female categories and all ranks are eligible for the competition. Teams were competing against one another on the following activities:

  • Shooting

  • Hand Grenade Throwing

  • Water Obstacle

  • Land Ostacles

  • Combat Run

Major Scheepers from the Netherlands Defence Force was awarded Commendation Certificates for the role he plays when the SANDF participates in competitions in foreign countries. Certificates were also awarded to various GOCs, Unit Commanders and individuals for the role they have played in presenting and supporting this competition.

During the awards ceremony, Chief Defence Reserves, Maj Gen Roy Andersen, took the opportunity to address the guests with regards to SANDF Reserve matters and, in particular, the role, achievements, challenges and status of the Reserves in respect of the implementation of Defence Review, SANDF Education Trust Fund, Deployment and the Cape Town Military Tattoo. He concluded by congratulating all winners, organisers and participants for a well-executed competition.

“Competitions such as this one are of importance and should be viewed in their holistic manner, as they portray combat readiness, fitness, building relationships and nations” said Deputy Chairperson of the RFC, Maj Gen Keith Mokoape, during his address. He further extended his invitation to female competitors, as the competition is more male- dominated.

At the end of the programme, international guests exchanged gifts as a token of appreciation, with Botswana promising to come back well-equipped next year.

In an interview conducted after the event, WO1 J. Majase from Botswana said that the competition was quite a challenging one for his team as it was participating for the very first time. He said his team struggled most with the water obstacle, as most of the team members he brought were not swimmers. In his view the competition is a test of a soldier’s fitness.

The competition was officially closed by Brig Gen Coetzee, SA Army Force Preparation.

Through endurance, determination and hard work, all competitors did well in this excellently executed competition.

Members in action during preparation of the Land Obstacle, the flagship event of the Military Skills Competition.

Capt Sapwell (UK) crossing the low assault wall during the land obstacle event.

Two members in action crossing the 5m high ladder during the land obstacle event.

Trophies and medals awarded to the competitors.

Team UK and Team Denmark during the awards function.

Members who received the highest honours of the competition, the Platinum Pin, for their individual and consistent achievements in all 5 events. ltr: Maj Labuschagne (3 Para Bn), Capt Byers (UK), Capt le Roux (3 Para Bn), Rfn Mdlalose (3 Para Bn), Lt Gen Mokoape (Ret) (Reserve Force Council), Sgt de Jager (Netherlands), Sgt Daniels (SA Irish), L/Cpl Ntamane (UMR), Rfn Morudu (Pta Regiment).

Members of the Dutch delegation portraying all the awards and medals won by their team members.

Maj Gen K. Mokoape giving his address.

Members of the Armour Formation displaying the awards and medals won by the members of the different Armour units.

Gnr Sedumedi (4 Art Regt) receives his award from Maj Gen R. Andersen for winning the combat run event.

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