Top Reserve Force Unit

The CAPE TOWN HIGHLANDERS (CTH) has again shown its true colours by coming out tops in an Infantry Formation-wide Unit Assessment.

Notable amongst these is their almost clean sweep of the trophy table and the Regiment’s announced status as the TOP RESERVE FORCE UNIT in the South African Army’s Infantry Formation.

Not only is the Regiment extremely active in a military sense, with a company of troops deployed on operational duty on the country’s borders, but the Regimental Drums and Pipes were specifically selected and invited to perform at an event in the private grounds of Windsor Castle in May, marking the Queen’s 90th Birthday.

CTH was awarded:

The trophy as Best Performing Unit in Infantry Formation

1st place for Human Resources policies and processes adhered to 1st place for Transport policies and processes adhered to 1st place for Non Public Funds policies and processes adhered to 1st place for Best Adjutant 2nd place for Military Security policies and processes adhered to 2nd place for Regimental Aspects policies and processes adhered to 3rd place for Logistics policies and processes adhered to.

Issued by Officer Commanding the Cape Town Highlanders

Lt. Col. ‘Tienie’ Lott

Castle Barracks,

The Castle of Good Hope,

Cape Town 2001

South Africa

Tel : 021-469-1234 Fax: 021-469-1242

For further information, please contact Lt. Col. Lott on 021-787-1041

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