SANDF goes big at the big Rand Show 2016

Year in and year out, the SANDF arena displays and exhibits at the Rand Show are rated amongst the top show highlights by visitors. That's because every year, the SANDF and Department of Defence pull out all the stops... 2016 will be no exception.

This year’s arena displays and static exhibition will showcase the SANDF’s humanitarian role in disaster management and peace support. Over the Easter weekend, the SANDF presents its highly anticipated arena programme of capability demonstrations and simulations that will include awe-inspiring appearances by the Gripen fighter jet and the Agusta A109 helicopter (weather and availability permitting). The DOD and SANDF are also putting on an extensive exhibition of equipment ranging across all four arms of the SANDF, and covering a massive 10,000 sqm, filling Terrace 1 and Hall 10. "The participation of the Department of Defence and the SA National Defence Force in the Rand Show provides a platform for us to interact directly with the general public and international visitors,” says Brigadier General Xolani Mabanga, spokesperson for the SANDF. “We aim to educate the public about the role of the SA National Defence Force, and create awareness about the capabilities, successes and career opportunities available in the DOD/SANDF." SANDF’S arena display will have pulses racing. Easter weekend, 25-28 March It’s all happening over the Easter weekend: Gripen flyovers, air strikes by Rooivalk attack helicopters, fast-roping of troops from an Agusta A109 helicopter, and a Ratel-90 firing blanks. The opening ceremony kicks off at 10h00 on Friday, 25 March. After this, from 11h00 (and from 10h00 on 26-28 March), there will be an airborne capability demonstration. This 45-minute demonstration will include:

  • simulation of drills during an ambush in Peace Support Operations;

  • Mamba and Casspir armoured infantry vehicles;

  • a Ratel-90 infantry fighting vehicle firing blanks;

  • air strikes by a Rooivalk attack helicopter and fighter jets (Gripen and/or Hawk);

  • fast-roping of airborne forces from an Agusta A109 helicopter;

  • a medical evacuation by helicopter;

  • extraction of forces by helicopter; and

  • simulation of battlefield explosions.

At 2pm on 25 March, and at 11am and again at 2pm on 26-28 March, there will be an arena programme which will include a capability demonstration by the SANDF’s Special Forces division. (Subject to change at short notice due to availability of equipment, and depending on weather conditions.) Learn while you play at the DOD/SANDF static exhibition. The DOD/SANDF exhibition on the Rand Show’s Terrace 1 and Hall 10 covers a massive 10,000 sqm, and features equipment like the Casspir and the Olifant MK II tank. No wonder it proves to be a hit with Rand Show visitors year after year. The exhibition highlights the humanitarian side of the SANDF in disaster management and peace support. The SANDF is always ready to mobilise to offer help and coordinate relief aid and rescue operations, both within our borders and in neighbouring states. It assists with fire-fighting, provides water to drought-stricken communities, deploys helicopters to rescue people stranded by floods or heavy snows, and builds bridges to assist flood-affected communities. One of these bridges will be built on Terrace 1 by the SA Army Engineers. This 20-metre structure will provide a pier between the exhibits showcasing disaster management, and those explaining the SANDF’s peace support role which form the second part of the exhibition. The SANDF has served in numerous UN and African Union peacekeeping missions, playing a significant role in preventing and managing conflict, protecting the local population, and supporting peace on the continent. List of equipment The following hardware and equipment will form part of the DOD/SANDF exhibition: SA army

  • Casspir; Mamba; Ratel 90 mm; Ratel 12.7 mm; and platoon weapons. SA army signal formation

  • Ratel; static communication system; field workshop capabilities; PA demonstration; generator and tactical display; and a display by the 11 Field Post Unit. SA army intelligence formation

  • Tactical intelligence control point system; intelligence management system; advance surveillance product; basic surveillance system; operational, tactical and counter intelligence products; and load-bearing equipment with operator’s kit. SA army infantry formation

  • Personal parachute kits; Gecko vehicle; paratroopers’ survival kit; canine capability equipment; equestrian capability equipment; motorbike capability equipment; cargo parachutes; and a stand showing disaster relief equipment. SA army air defence artillery formation

  • 35 mm MK V ADA gun; THUTLWA radar system; LDP 20 radar system; page radar; 23 mm Bosvark; Ratel and 12.7 mm gun. SA army artillery formation

  • 155 mm GV6 gun; 155 mm GV5 gun; 127 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher (MRL); 120 mm M5 mortar; and a MAN truck. SA army engineer formation

  • IEDD vehicle and frontage; GIS station; terrain negotiability station; survey equipment; 10-man inflatable boat; portable pier structure; standard SAEC water point; white reverse-osmosis water purification; Husky vehicle; semi-rigid boat; mobile workshop; and a Casspir "Pofadder" mobile minefield breaching vehicle. SA ARMY ARMOUR FORMATION

  • MAN tank transporter with Olifant MK II; Ratel ZT3-A2; and a Rooikat MK 1D armoured car. SA army support formation

  • MK1 Olifant tank power pack and a Zebra vehicle. SA army training formation

  • ELAC shooting simulator systems. SA air force

  • Rooivalk helicopter; Buffalo Supreme fire truck; Umlindi antenna; survival equipment; aircraft mechanics; armament section; machine shop; aircraft structure section; and an Impala simulator. SA navy

  • Riverine patrol boat; survey motor boat; diving tank; 2-man decompression chamber; weapons display; and a hydrographic display. SA military service

  • Mfezi ambulance; chemical/biological/radiation defence display; aviation medicine display; Military Veterinary Institute display; healthy living briefings by dieticians; nursing station measuring vital signs; social work display; basic fitness demonstrations; first aid briefings and practical demonstrations on CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation); ops room and basic military training inspection display. Special forces

  • Wahoo, Hurricane and Barracuda MKIII boats; and HORNET Rapid Deployment Reconnaissance Vehicles (RDRV) with mounted platforms.

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