SANDF soldier killed in battle brought home - see video

PRETORIA –The remains of the South African National Defence Force soldier, killed in the line of duty in Sudan, have been handed over to his family. Corporal Mxolisi Mnyipika was killed in an ambush while escorting humanitarian aid trucks.

One other soldier was wounded in the same attack.

The soldiers were part of the United Nations peacekeeping force stationed in Darfur. Corporal Mxolisi Mnyipika was part of a routine military escort, providing security support in Darfur, Sudan but just 25-kilometres away from their destination, the convoy came under fire.

Mnyipika's wife battles to accept that she will never see her husband alive again.

The father of her two young children was killed while working five-thousand kilometres from home.

The soldier's remains have now been handed over to his family for burial. “It's an unfortunate situation however as soldiers we do meet similar circumstances it's not easy both for the Defence force and also for the family members. There was one other member who was injured private Gumede, he was shot in the left upper shoulder he is stable.” Thabiso Mokhosi from SANDF said. Family members say they'll miss Mnyipika most, when they need advice from an elder.

Goodman Mnyipika the deceased's brother said “as we know soldiers die in combat but I can't lie our while family is shocked by the way our brother died, we were certainly not prepared for this as we knew he was a capable and experienced soldier." About 1400 South African soldiers will be withdrawn from war-torn Sudan next month.

Corporal Mnyipika will be honoured with a semi-military funeral next weekend.

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