SANDF School of Armour granted the Freedom of Entry to Mangaung

Bloemfontein - It was all military pomp and ceremony in Bloemfontein this morning, as the South African National Defence Force (SANDF)'s School of Armour showed its might through a parade outside City Hall.

Mangaung Metro Mayor, Thabo Manyoni, says he hopes for close cooperation between the school and the municipality, in the fight for equality and the well-being of all South Africans, as the SANDF was granted the Freedom of Entry to Mangaung.

Manyoni says this ceremony also coincides with a special year for Mangaung as the city celebrates 170 years since its founding, and it is the first time the school has been bestowed with this honour since becoming a Metro.

"We are bestowing this freedom to the school of Armour, which is basically granting them permission to parade, to show weapons, mechanised parades and so forth, but also to agree with them on a relationship that both us as a city and them can have joint operations to combat crime where necessary."

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