Truvelo Armoury launching new rifle

Local barrel and rifle manufacturer Truvelo Armoury Division will launch a new addition to its CMS Rifle Range, the Truvelo CMS 6.5x47, during the HuntEx exhibition later this month. Truvelo said the new lightweight and compact rifle weighs 6 kg (including telescope and magazine), with an overall length of 1 180mm. It will achieve sub MOA (minute of angle) results at distances up to 500 metres. Effective range is 1 200 metres, depending on ammunition. Truvelo said the 6.5x47 mm Lapua is a highly efficient round and it is extremely popular amongst competitors taking part in the PRS (Precision Rifle Series) in the USA. It provides the shooter with a wide variety of high-ballistic coefficient (BC) 6.5 mm VLD (very low drag) style projectiles to choose from and powder capacity to achieve the velocity required for long range shooting. Alexa Gerrard, Marketing Manager at Truvelo, told defenceWeb that the rifle has been built primarily for the civilian sport shooting market but that it can be used in a military context as well as it has been developed and manufactured according to military standards. The new rifle joins Truvelo’s CMS (Counter Measure Sniper) stable which includes the CMS 7.62x51 mm, CMS 338 Lapua, CMS 12.7x99 mm and CMS 14.5x114 mm. The company also makes the SR 20x82 mm and SR 20x110 mm bolt action weapons.

Also to be shown at HuntEx 2016 will be Truvelo’s Big 5 magnum hunting action, the company said. This receiver has been specifically designed and developed for the big 5 magnum calibres. Huntex runs at Gallagher Estate, Centurion, from 14 to 17 April.

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