SA Gunners Association - Vereeniging Branch Border Duty Reunion 14 May 2016

SA Gunners Association - Vereeniging Branch Border Duty Reunion 14 May 2016

The Vereeniging Branch of the SA Gunners Association hosted their Border Duty reunion at the Creative Talents conference centre on 14 May 2016. Old soldiers reported from far and wide.

  1. We were indeed privileged to welcome Genl. Phillip du Preez and his wife Tan, Genl Roland de Vries and Henriette, Genl Roy Andersen and the quiet ex OC during of the last cross border operations – Moduler, Hooper and Packer, Genl Fido Smit and Elmarie, as guests to the occasion.

  2. The octogenarians Gnrs. Lawrie Poorter, Lourens Human and Piet Langenhoven were awarded their certificates.

  3. Soldiers who have made the highest sacrifice were honoured and remembered during the Two Minutes Silence, a few cheeks were dried during the Last Past. Lest we forget.

  4. Genl. Roland de Vries Ex OC 61 Mech, 7 SA Inf Div and later Deputy Chief SA Army, in his known for dynamic ways, gave an overview of the period 1975 (Ops Savannah) until 1988 (Ops Packer). He made specific mention of the dedication and pride in which the duties were done. He also mentioned the mutual respect old enemies now have for one another.

  5. Genl. Phillip du Preez made reference to the SA Gunners Association, not forgetting to mention ‘Skinny Lizz’.

  6. Genl. Roy Andersen briefed the audience on the SA Reserve Forces roll in the SANDF. He also mentioned that approximately one third of the deployed soldiers are from the Reserve Forces.

  7. Mrs Tan du Preez told of the rolls the ladies were fulfilling in the absence of their men doing what they had been tasked to do.

  8. Lunch was enjoyed after the official business. No one noticed the clock ticking while old stories were remembered and shared with great aplomb and often sometimes with some compassion.

  9. This was a very special event in our history, ranks and appointments were set aside, only the care for one another and camaraderie was again very visible.

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