Scrap AA to draw more whites to the defence force – Pieter Groenewald

FF Plus says without any career prospects for them, there is no way to expect whites to join SANDF

With the sword of affirmative action hanging over their heads, there is no way to expect whites to join the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) without any career prospects for them, says Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ chief spokesperson on Defence said.

Dr. Groenewald, during the budget debate of the department of defence and military veterans, said in reaction to the minister’s comments that there is an urgent need for white defence force members, affirmative action has to be scrapped to draw white people back to the defence force.

Regarding the defence force’s budget, Dr. Groenewald said the FF Plus has since 2004 without any success been asking that the budget be increased. Currently there is once again a medium term budget deficit of R5 billion.

He said the FF Plus will not support the budget if a new jet is purchased for the defence force. If just the purchase of the jet is cancelled, the department will immediately save R4,3 billion of the R5 billion it needs.

“One of the big problems in the defence force is discipline. Last year two soldiers on guard duty at the Tempe military base in Bloemfontein were overpowered and robbed by two robbers with knives.

“It was a classic case of somebody arriving with a knife at a gun-fight and actually won. They stole two R4 rifles, a radio, and sixty rounds of live ammunition because the soldiers were sleeping when they had to stand guard.

“I asked the minister a question about this (question and reply attached). We however still do not know what happened to those two guards.

“They, and indeed the defence force, contributes to crime. These weapons can be used in crimes and farm attacks. If this is the case, the defence is complicit, and a claim should be instituted against it.

“Discipline will only improve if action is taken against the offenders. These two riflemen should be suspended immediately from the defence force.

“I also asked the minister a question about her statement that departing white personnel in the air force had stolen aircraft and training could subsequent not be done properly (question and reply attached).

“The minister knows it is not true. How on earth does a person steal an aircraft without any action being taken against such a person?

“There are rumours doing the rounds currently that the defence force wants to sell half of the Pilate P7 Mark 2 aircraft. It does not make any sense, as the aircraft had been purchased prior to 1994 to be used for basic flight training, instead of the old Harvards and Impalas”, Dr. Groenewald said.

Issued by Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus chief spokesperson: Defence, 11 May 2016

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