Safety of troops a priority for new SANDF (Ed: SA Army) chief

May 19, 2016


Newly appointed South African National Defense Force (SANDF) (Ed: SA Army) Chief Lindile Yam has listed the safety of South African troops as his top priority.

He was speaking at De Brug Military base near Bloemfontein during the SANDF's combat readiness demonstration.

“Even before I took up this post working with the chief of the army as you all know I was the commander of the SA army infantry which is the main force that does deployment. I concentrated on personnel protection. We provide them with basic protection to make sure that we get minimal casualties but the research on that as well,  to have it more enhanced is going on.”

South Africa has a large number of army personnel deployed in many parts of Africa in peacekeeping missions. Yam says research is currently underway to find ways to minimise casualties.

‘We have got to keep on with what we have so that we are at the sharpest end of everything because of all the limitations we have, the little capability we have especially in operationalizing,” says Yam





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