Defence Reserves out in force at AAD

The part-time component of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) will be making full use of next week’s Africa, Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition to enhance and promote the Reserve Force. A stated obligation as regards the AFB Waterkloof exhibition which opens next Wednesday is to “market SANDF Reserves to the public and create awareness of the necessity of the Reserve Force system among captains of industry”. Reserve Force soldiers will also interact personally with “the people of Gauteng, local and international guests and Department of Defence youth programmes. The youth involvement will aim at giving scholars and students an insight into the role and functions of Defence Reserves” a statement said. The Reserves will also have communication and liaison officers manning its own stand where questions about the Reserve Force, ranging from recruitment; through to training, including specialised training; employer obligations and others will be answered. Additionally, Reserve Force representatives will work alongside their regular force counterparts on indoor and outdoor exhibitions, including mobility demonstrations.

Denel Land Systems has indicated the SA Army’s new infantry fighting vehicle will, in addition to being a static display item, also show its paces on the vehicle mobility track. The command variant of Badger incorporating the fire control system will be the static unit while the section variant will be working on the mobility track. AAD 2016 will see eight hangars on the eastern side of AFB Waterkloof taken up by exhibitors from around the world, some of them showing defence and security products and services on national pavilions. There is also a large outdoors exhibition area where it is expected the US Air Force display, including a KC-135 tanker and the MQ-9 Reaper UAV.

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