Saab offering firearm simulation training to South Africa

Saab South Africa is expanding its simulation offering to include firearm simulation training systems that are being promoted to the South African military as well as police and private security users. The system uses simulated firearms with lasers and gas canister magazines to simulate recoil. When a shooter pulls the trigger, a laser is fired at a target on a screen, allowing the system to track the exact location of a hit. The firearm also monitors the way the weapons is being held, allowing for detailed analysing of shooting style, follow-through etc. Magazines are reloaded by inserting them into a machine which refills them with gas, allowing for simulated recoil. Saab introduced the system into South Africa some months ago, after localising the system which was originally developed by Saab Czech Republic. The Saab small arms instruction and training system can be integrated with the company’s Gamer Manpack Live Fire system, which consists of a command and control node and players; such as man worn vests or vehicles equipped with a GPS, radio and laser detectors/transmitters. All actions and movements from participating players are monitored in real time and recorded for evaluation purposes. The software can simulate a wide variety of scenarios and is interoperable with software such as Virtual Battlespace. It can replicate areas such as the De Brug training ground used by the South African National Defence Force. Saab has, for example, replicated a 15x15 kilometre version of the Lohatla training area as part of its BattleTek command training system, but can replicate much larger area.

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) trialled an interoperable Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) proof of concept system, including Battle Management System in 2015 as part of the establishment of distributed BattleLabs for joint training and research and development. The live demonstration included Saab’s Gamer Manpack (Live) in Oudtshoorn, Virtual Battle Space (Virtual) in Bloemfontein, Saab’s BattleTek IV (Constructive) and the South African Army’s Chaka command and control system in Pretoria. Saab said it is excited about the new addition to its already illustrious simulation footprint in Africa and to maintain the lead in higher level simulation offerings to the defence and security sector.

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