The Chief of the SANDF Prestige Week

Once again, the Chief of South African National Defence Force (SANDF), Gen Solly Shoke officially opened his annual Prestige Week at Pretoria Military Sports Club on 17 October 2016. The Chief SA National Defence Force Prestige Week is an event where sporting competitions from the SA Army, the SA Air Force, the SA Navy and the South African Military Health Services (SAMHS) face each other head to head in various sporting code.

Gen Shoke remarked that the aim of the Prestige Week is not to keep soldiers away from the office, but to encourage them to participate in sport to be fit physically, mentally and to be healthy. He said: “Sport is part and parcel of the wellness of soldiers and encourages cohesion.

It helps people work as a team and requires discipline.”

He continued: “Participating in sport would ensure improved levels of discipline in the SANDF, as discipline is the cornerstone of any military organisation.”

In conclusion, he said that he is considering making sport compulsory because in the military sport is not perceived as leisure activity but it is part and parcel of force preparation.

The 2016 Prestige Week sport includes golf, martial arts, athletics, handball, netball, rugby, swimming, table tennis, volleyball, bowls, black ball pool walk and soccer.

Photos by Paul Mpangala and Witney Rasaka

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