Milkor demonstrates grenade launcher range

Milkor last week showcased its range of single and multi-shot grenade launchers to a select group of foreign military attaches, potential and existing clients over a period of three days during live fire demonstrations at the SA Special Force’s Training School. The demonstrations at Murrayhill outside Pretoria were done in collaboration with Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM), which supplied the 40 mm grenades. A variety of lethal and less lethal ammunition was used, including practice tracer, high explosive, red phosphorous, impulse and incendiary. RDM’s High Explosive Dual Purpose 40 mm ammunition can penetrate 75 mm of mild steel armour and 60 mm of rolled homogenous armour. Both low and medium velocity ammunition was fired from Milkor’s flagship SuperSix multi-shot grenade launcher. The grenade firing demonstrated the versatility of the launcher for policing and military use as well as target marking. Milkor CEO Marius Roos explained that there is great demand for less lethal applications due to the high number of volatile situations in South Africa as well as other parts of the world. He said the lethal combination of reliable Milkor products and RDM ammunition, specifically the medium velocity range, has permanently changed the battlefield as the soldier knows it. “The competent soldier can now accurately dominate an extended area through a light portable shoulder fired weapon for specific personnel and armour/hard point targets.” Milkor’s SuperSix grenade launchers were used for the demonstrations. In its sixth generation, it can fire both low and medium velocity 40 mm ammunition – medium velocity ammunition has a range of 800 metres but Milkor said in tests the SuperSix has fired in excess of 1 200 metres. In rapid fire mode, all six rounds can be fired in under three seconds, giving an area coverage of 20 x 60 metres. Single, double or remote weapons mountings are also available for vehicle, vessel and aerial platforms.

Milkor was also displaying its other products, including its aluminium or steel 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher with unique button trigger for any type of assault weapon, and a Stopper Convertible single shot 37/38/40 mm less lethal grenade launcher with a unique floating firing pin. This prevents the weapon from accidentally discharging if dropped. Other weapons in the Milkor stable include the 37/38/40 mm MAR (Multiple Anti-Riot), a derivative of the 40 mm multiple grenade launcher adapted to fire less lethal riot control rounds such as tear gas, flash-bang and rubber baton rounds. The 40 mm Mk 1S multiple grenade launcher can fire lethal and less lethal rounds while the 40 mm Mk 1L has a lengthened 140 mm cylinder as opposes to the standard 105 mm chamber of the Mk 1S. Milkor is working on a high volume less lethal grenade launcher which will be qualified and in production soon. It is believed to be the first such weapon in the 37/38 and 40 mm calibre range. Several major projects are currently underway and the company will soon announce a major acquisition. Roos said this is part of Milkor’s growth and diversification strategy as it expands from the grenade launcher market. The company in August relocated to a purpose-built high tech manufacturing and assembly plant in Centurion and “is currently on a huge research and development drive that promises to deliver world class defence products.” To date Milkor has delivered in excess of 60 000 grenade launchers to 59 countries around the world.

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