SAAF sending 60 members to military academy per year

February 7, 2017


The South Africa Air Force (SAAF) will send 60 of its members to the SA Military Academy in Saldanha every year for training.

According to Chief of the Air Force, Lieutenant General Zimpande Msimang, “The South African Air Force…will, from next year, send 60 cadets to the Military Academy each year to pursue their first degree. This will include future pilots, navigators, engineers, technicians and other support musterings. The Air Force will in the very near future have 180 cadets at the Military Academy in a three year cycle.”

Msimang was speaking at the Air Force Prestige Day parade held at Air Force Base Waterkloof on 3 February.

Regarding other training outside South Africa, Msimang said “I wish to express my gratitude to my counterparts in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Russia, Cuba, the United States, Brazil, Pakistan and Germany for having offered opportunities to our Air Force members who are currently undergoing training in their institutions.”

SAAF members have also been sent to the United Kingdom and Bangladesh for training.

In October 2015 it was reported that ten pilots from 2 Squadron had been selected for further training in Russia, mainly to build experience and, as of September 2016 there were five SAAF officers undergoing pilot training there.

Another four pilots have been in Cuba since September 2015 on a four year training course. Five SAAF members are receiving air traffic control training for two years; eight are receiving aviation engineering training over six years and seven are doing aviation technical course training in Cuba for three years.

* Note: this article has been updated to correct misinformation that the SAAF members were going to the United States rather than Saldanha. defenceWeb apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

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