Just on two thousand MSD volunteers now doing BMT

The three fighting arms of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) were on the receiving end of this year’s military skills development (MSD) intake with the landward force again taking the majority. All told 1 972 volunteers were accepted for the two-year MSD period and more 80% of them reported for duty during January and are currently undergoing basic military training (BMT) at SA Air Force, SA Army and SA Navy bases around the country. Brigadier General Mafi Mgobozi, SANDF corporate communications director, said the approved intake for the Army following the selection process was 1 650. A hundred and seventy-two of these did not report for duty on January 8 and the remaining 1 478 are now busy with the first phase of MSD – BMT. The maritime arm of the SANDF was the second biggest benefactor of the 2017 MSD intake with 214 successful volunteers earmarked for service in the navy, at sea and on land, on completion of BMT. A hundred and seventy-seven young men and women reported for duty. The SA Air Force is currently putting 92 successful MSD volunteers through BMT before they embark on specialised training in disciplines particular to the airborne arm of the South African military.

On completion of the two year MSD training, which includes fire and emergency services through to chefs and other support functions as well as various combat musterings, the majority of volunteers leave and join the Reserve Force. A small number are offered short-term contracts in the regular force. MSD applications for next year’s intake have closed and the evaluation process has started.

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