The Reserve Force Council has signed an Agreement of Co-operation with U.N.U.C.I, its Italian counterpart. Following the annual Mid-Winter Meeting of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) in Brussels, the Vice Chairman and RFC head of International Affairs, Brig Gen John Del Monte (ret) paid a formal visit on 23 February 2015, to U.N.U.C.I. HQ in Rome to sign the agreement on behalf of the Chairman of the RFC. Present at the signing was Lt Gen Rocco Panunzi, (National President of U.N.U.C.I.), Lt Gen Pietro Soliani (Vice President of U.N.U.C.I.), Lt CdrSM Pino Imbalzano ITN (ret) (U.N.U.C.I. Chief of International Relations) Col P.S. Lembede (RSA Defence Attachè)

This is the second such agreement that the RFC has with foreign Reserve Associations. A similar agreement was signed two years ago with the United Kingdom Reserve Force Association (UKRFA) and the RFC has been approached to consider similar arrangements with other National Reserve Associations. Reciprocal activities have been arranged to take place between the two associations giving young Reserve members an opportunity to broaden their view in respect of other international Reserve Forces, military cultures and military history.

The latest Agreement of Co-operation with U.N.U.C.I. includes the following aspects :

  • To maintain and enhance the close relationship of friendship and cooperation already existing between the two Organizations.

  • To facilitate and encourage social, cultural and “military” sporting/skills contact, both individual and group, between the two Organizations.

  • To encourage participation in major military and competitive shooting competitions, at the level of teams representative of the two Organizations.

  • To arrange when possible an annual meeting of the two national Organizations at the executive level alternately in South Africa and Italy, or any other location mutually agreed to.

  • To exchange on regular basis information, publications and programs related to matters of common interest in the field of training and military skills/sport activities and also on legislation concerning the Reserve Forces of South Africa and Italy.

  • To promote contacts amongst Medical Officers of both Organizations.

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