Annual commemoration service and wreath laying ceremony of the Witwatersrand Rifles Regiment

Witwatersrand Rifles Regiment once again held their annual commemoration service and wreath laying ceremony at their Headquarters Cenotaph, in Germiston. This annual service has been held since 1947 to commemorate and honour members of the Witwatersrand Rifles who have fallen in active service.

This service is held as close as possible to 15th April each year when the then Regiment was known as Wits de la Rey, due to the merger of Witwatersrand Rifles and de la Rey (WR/DLR), participated in the Battle of Caprara in Italy just three weeks before the declaration of peace.

The Witwatersrand Rifles Pipe Band lead in the regimental troops, in full traditional uniform, which set the high standard of the service.

The Honorary Colonel, Col John Job, addressed the gathering mentioning the Regiment was currently deployed as part of Operation Corona as well as a short update on Reserves in general.

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