Reserve Force Council and Junior Officers’ Association Pay Respect at 66th Annual National Gunners&#

The Reserve Force Council (RFC) and Junior Officers’ Association (JOA) paid their respects during the 66th National Memorial Service at the Gunners’ Memorial in Potchefstroom on Sunday 22 April 2018, represented by RFC Deputy Chairperson, Brig Gen J.A. Del Monte (Ret), and JOA National Chairperson Lt D.R. Adsetts.

Brig Gen Del Monte and Lt Adsetts laid wreaths at the commemorative event on behalf of the Council and Association, while members of the JOA participated in proceedings as part of the contingent furnished by Transvaal Horse Artillery (THA) regiment. THA Adjutant 2Lt V.O. Ngema acted as Gun Troop Commander and Fire Control Officer for the four ceremonial Ordnance QF (Quick Firing) 25-pounder guns. The Acting Officer Commanding of THA, 2Lt E.I. Kgori was on hand to oversee THA’s restored to memorial display condition Ordnance QF 13-pounder gun ‘Barrel no 289’, unveiled on the occasion by National Gunners’ Association President Lt Gen P.O. du Preez (Ret) and General of the Gunners, Lt Gen J.S. Mbuli.

The Gunners’ Association’s mission is to promote fellowships and camaraderie amongst all serving or retired Gunners of the Regulars and Reserves, with the annual National Memorial Service acting as a commemoration in honour of all Gunners from South Africa who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

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