CIOR/CIOMR Summer Congress 2019

The Reserve Force Council, RFC, is a member of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers, commonly referred to by its French acronym CIOR (for Confédération Interalliée des Officiers de Réserve). CIOR represents the interests of over 1.3 million reservists across 34 participating nations within and beyond NATO, making it the world’s largest military reserve officer organization.

The RFC attends the largest annual meeting of CIOR and CIOMR (medical reserve officers) which is jointly held each summer in a different country and is organized by a separate member of CIOR/CIOMR each year. In 2019 Estonia will be hosting the congress in its capital of Tallinn and surrounding areas.

The two congresses are organized in conjunction with CIOR having Council meetings, the various committees and working groups and the CIOMR Congress conducting meetings with their respective committees. There are also military competitions (MILCOMP) and other activities such as CIMIC exercises (CIMEX), Young Reserve Officers Workshop (YROW), CIOR Language Academy (CLA), the CIOMR Workshop and a Congress Symposium.

The opening ceremony of the Congress was on Sunday August 4th at 17:00 at the Maarjamäe memorial, followed by a reception at the Maarjamäe palace.

The CLA have already been active since July 20th at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in Tallinn and was finished on the opening day of the CIOR/CIOMR congress on August 4th.

The MilComp section started training on the 4th and ended on the 5th with competitions on the 6th to 8th. The awards ceremony will be on the 9th of August. All events take place at the Estonian Defence League Männiku shooting range on the outskirts of Tallinn.

CIMIC work exercises (CIMEX) were from the 4th to the 6th at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in Tallinn based on the Russian Cyber attack on the power gird of Estonian during the Winter of 2007.

The Congress Symposium was held on Wednesday August the 7th at the Swissotel in Tallinn. The topic was “Millennial Reserve Officers: New Challenges – New Skills – New Roles”

The Closing Ceremony/Congress Gala Dinner will take place on Friday August 9th at 20:00 at the Seaplane Harbour Museum in Tallinn, which will officially close the CIOR/CIOMR 2019 Summer Congress in Tallinn, Estonia.

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